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Frequently Asked Questions: Technical Support

Installation & Setup

Netgear Wireless Range Extender is a wireless repeater that can be used to boost your existing WiFi coverage for your smartphones, tablets, game consoles and more. This device helps to eliminate dead spots and will work with your existing WiFi devices. Installation is also very easy. There are 2 ways to install your WN1000RP. You can use the WPS method or the web browser setup guide. Please refer to the manual for setup of Netgear WN1000RP, WN2000RP, WN3000RP or call mywifiext-net support on 1-855-439-4345. Note: It is recommended that you put the WN1000RP, wireless PC, and wireless router in the same room during the initial setup to avoid wireless interference. They can be moved to their required locations once setup is complete. For any kind of further assistance or if you face a problem while setting up your wifi range extender then call the online technician on 1-855-439-4345 and you will be supported for any issue that you have.

NETGEAR wireless extenders can be given their own SSID for devices to connect to, but some users want to use the same SSID as the main wireless router. NETGEAR wireless extenders such as the WN1000RP, WN3000RP, EX6200, and others allow users to select the desired SSID, for example “NETGEAR-EXT” or “Home-Ext.” In some cases, users may desire for the SSID on the extender to be the same as the SSID used on the main wireless router. In that case you need to change the name of Extender and just follow the normal process and if you facing a trouble doing that, please contact technical support on 1-855-439-4345.

Setting up your wifi range extender with your AirCard Mobile Hotspot is the same as it is done with router or MCR. For this procedure you need to make sure that all the devices are in the same room and after that just follow the process of setup. If you are not able to perform the setup or unable to connect it then, your hotspot needs to be configured in compatibility mode or your computer might have to optimized to perform the network extension opration and for that please contact technical support on 1-855-439-4345.

NETGEAR range extenders such as the WN1000RP, WN3500RP, EX6100, and EX6200 do not need an installation CD to get them up and running, nor do they need special software or drivers. Much like NETGEAR wireless routers, the installation wizard is built into each extender, and it’s simple to install an extender without any additional items. What you need to do is, just follow the WPS or Web Browser Setup procedure and if you are still not sure then contact technical support. We will make sure that all of your issues are resolved up to your satisfaction.

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