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Netgear WN2000RPTV3 Extender Setup

Netgear WN2000RPTv3 is a wireless-N extender that has the maximum speed of 300Mbps. It can expand the coverage of your existing wireless network and remove dead WiFi spots. What you need to do is pick up any of your wireless device and connect it to your wireless network. After that, go out of your house and move around the area you are living. During this process if your signal drops, that means you have found the “Dead Spot”

Steps to install the extender WN2000RPTv3

During the process of configuration, the extender and router should be placed in the same room. When the process of installation is completed, you can move the extender according to your required location. But, make sure that the both should place within the range of each other. There are two methods given below to set up extender WN2000RPTv3.
Connect/Configure via WPS:

* Push the WPS button on your range extender.
* Within one or two minutes, push the WPS button located on your router.
* Now connect your wireless network using the network name and password.
* In case you want to change settings of your range extender, you can do so from www.mywifiext.net.


Web browser setup:

* Grab any one of your wireless devices.
* Connect to WiFi network.
* After this process, the PC to Extender light should turn on.
* Open a web browser into a laptop or a desktop and type www.mywifiext.net into the address bar.
* A Netgear Genie page displays, asking whether you want to proceed or need manually configuration.
* Hit on Yes and after that Next.
* Go to your network by selecting it and after that click Continue.
* Your existing wireless network needs a password to enter.
* It will ask for use the same security mode and password as those for existing network to select on it. * After doing, hit Continue.
* Go to the my wirless devices are connected to the extender network buttong. Select it and hit Continue.
* Once done, “Finish” it.

Netgear WN2000RPTV3 extender setup
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