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Netgear Powerline 1200 EXTENDER Setup

If your home now boasts a smart TV to go alongside the digital video recorder ( Sky+ and Tivo), and games consoles, or if you just need another PC away from your modem/router then it’s likely that a Powerline network will solve many of your download woes.
For many of us our Wi-Fi just can’t cope with all our new Internet needs, and we’re crying out for a fast wired network to empower all our smart Internet-ready devices..
Forget about the claimed speeds on any Powerline, from any manufacturer. These 500Mbps or 1,200Mbps speeds are theoretical maximums, and you’ll be lucky to reach over 120Mbps in most real-world scenarios. Don’t worry though, as even an average 500Mbps Powerline (apparently trudging at 60-70Mbps) will greatly speed up your catch-up TV or Internet download times.

Netgear powerline1200 setup
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