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Netgear EX3800 Extender Setup

Get online support for Netgear EX3800 Extender Setup

Netgear WiFi range extenders help in boosting up the speed of existing WiFi signals receiving from main router. It creates a stronger signal where router slows down to provide the speed you need.
Installation process of your ex3800:
Before starting the installation process, familiarize yourself with the extender’s parts (LEDs, buttons, and port).
Side Panels of the extender include:

* WPS button
* Power On/Off button
* Factory reset button
* Ethernet port
* The Power connector
Now, we come to the LEDs that indicate the connection between the devices, router, extender, and the access point.
Solid Green: Best connection (The extender is powered on).
Solid Amber: Good connection (The extender is boosting).
Solid Red: Poor connection.
Off: No connection (The extender is powered off).

* Solid Green light indicates that WiFi security is working.
* Blinking Green light indicates about a well-known WPS connection.
* And if it is off, it indicates that the security of WiFi is disabled.
* Now, all you have to do is just grab a laptop or desktop and pull up a web browser onto it. Go to the www.mywifiext.net link.
* Click on the new extender setup button when the setup screen display in front of you.
* Once done, click on the Next button.
* It will ask for the password. Fill in the existing WiFi network password and hit on Next.
* Now, set the SSID and password for your extender and again hit on Next.
* Hit Continue.
* A popup will display, which says that your extender is connected to the new WiFi network.
* Click Next.
* A screen displays, which shows about the status.
* After logging in successfully, go to Setup > Wireless Settings and reconnect your WiFi devices to the extender.

Netgear EX3800 extender setup
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